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    SpiroFriend Technology ApS is a medical technology development company with a vision to make advanced and novel diagnostic measurements and analysis available to end-users at an affordable price. The aim is to make evidence based advanced personal monitoring of pulmonary health indicators accessible to a large share of the World-community and contribute to improved quality of life for thousands of asthma and COPD patients.

    The personal monitoring devices developed by SpiroFriend Technology ApS are expected to improve the lives of thousands of pulmonary patients who are currently not receiving optimal treatment and have an important positive impact on global asthma research.

    Today, well over 300 million people World-wide suffer from Asthma. MANY OF THEM DO NOT RECEIVE OPTIMAL TREATMENT EVEN IN COUNTRIES WITH ADVANCED HEALTH SYSTEMS.

    With the personal monitoring devices developed by SpiroFriend Technology ApS, Asthma patients and Asthma parents will have access to objective indicators equivalent to blood-sugar measurements for diabetics or a thermometer for parents with a child appearing to be ill.

    SpiroFriend Technology Aps is based on the vision and inventions of the Danish inventor and microchip-designer Reza Sharifpour.